Supa Ya Ramen : Ramen Reinvented by Luke Findlay

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This book made me want to slurp up a comforting bowl of ramen. In a down-to-earth style, Luke tells a story of his journey through the world of ramen as if he was chatting with me at his Supa Ya shop. Eclectic, playful and delicious. - Yotam Ottolenghi Welcome to a bold new world of possibilities in this game-changing recipe collection from the founder of cult-status restaurant Supa Ya Ramen. Having spent time exploring Tokyo in 2019, Luke Findlay became obsessed with the idea of pushing the ramen rules to their limit. What started as a wildly successful supper club in his home in Hackney, has since become two hugely popular restaurants in Dalston and Peckham, London. Eager customers queue round the corner for a bowl of this 'traditionally inauthentic', 'new-wave' ramen. In his debut book, Luke shows us an eclectic cooking style that carefully considers each element of a perfect bowl. Flavoured oils, pickles and ferments, seasonings, broths, and toppings appear alongside Luke's recipes for radical flavour combinations including the infamous Cheeseburger Mazesoba complete with Bread and Butter Pickles, and the ever-popular Celeriac Chashu bowl. Sides, sauces and desserts feature, too, with essentials like Hot Honey Drizzle, Classic Chilli Oil, Smacked Cucumber Pickles, and the tantalizing Malt Noodle Ice Cream with Miso Caramel. Supa Ya Ramen is all about celebrating the craft of ramen without limits - this is a masterclass in infusing traditional techniques with the ingredients you love, while Luke effortlessly gives you the confidence to experiment with flavour to create your own perfect bowl and revolutionize your ramen game.
Binding: Hardback

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