Supa Ya Ramen : Ramen Reinvented by Luke Findlay

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PRE-ORDER NOW - Published: 26/10/2023

Supa Ya Ramen founder Luke Findlay shares the secret to bringing a little part of Japan (by way of Hackney) into your kitchen with step-by-step breakdowns of how to create his deliciously famous and 'traditionally unauthentic' bowls of ramen. Ramen is a very easy food to make - you don't need fancy gadgets and you can find the basic elements to put a bowl together in pretty much any kitchen. Luke's simple steps to building the perfect bowl by considering each element - flavoured oils, pickles and ferments, seasonings, broths, and toppings - allow any ramen lover to enjoy warming and flavourful bowls of goodness with ease at home. From Spicy Sesame Short Rib Noodles to the Cheeseburger Mazesoba, and of course, Supa Ya's Signature Pickles and Fudgy Boiled Egg, alongside innovative snacks, small plates, and desserts, the recipes in this book reveal an eclectic cooking style that ramen heads in Tokyo have dubbed the 'new-wave'. So, purists beware! You won't find traditional Japanese ramen recipes here - Supa Ya Ramen is all about celebrating the beautiful craft of ramen making by infusing traditional techniques with exciting new flavours and empowering you to rustle up your own combinations using the ingredients you love.

Binding: Hardback

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