A Time to Live by Vanessa de Haan

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Will he choose inheritance - or freedom . . . 1918: Freddie was destined for a different life, determined to make his fortune in the plantations of Ceylon. But just as the great war comes to an end, the eldest brother and heir to Coombe Hall, Edward, doesn't return. Torn between duty and freedom, Freddie must now sacrifice his own dreams to keep the estate - and the future of Coombe - alive. And now he must now marry for an heir, not for love. But the turmoil of war didn't end on the battlefield; the country faces upheavals like never before. And when an unexpected legacy blows in from Edward's secret past, Freddie's grip on the estate - and his future - looks more uncertain than ever . . . Sweeping from the smoking battlefields of France to the rich estates of Devon, from Suffragettes to political extremists, this is a story of legacy and scars, of the price of change, the price of family...
Binding: Hardback

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