The Lost Orphan by Pam Weaver

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Three sisters torn apart by war. Can fighting for peace bring them together again? December 1941: Evacuated from the threat of German bombs, sisters Amelie and Mireille have grown up under the storm clouds of war. Now they have joined the fight against Hitler, with Amelie training as a nurse to save wounded soldiers, and Mireille enlisted to help the Air Force wage war in the skies over Europe. But as each sister fights for peace, they are still haunted by the memory of their missing sister who was snatched away from them at the beginning of the war. As Mireille is recruited for a special forces role behind enemy lines in France, she puts her life on the line for the Allies. But could she also finally have a chance of reuniting her sisters, once the war is over? A heart-breaking tale of the bond between sisters and the courage of women in wartime. Perfect for fans of Shirley Dickson, Glynis Peters and Pam Jenoff. Readers adore The Lost Orphan: 'I quite literally could not put it down! My heart was in my mouth, both with Mireille in France, and Amelie and her vile partner back home. I was so caught up in all the emotion and sobbed at the end.' Reader Review 'I enjoyed The Lost Orphan and read it in a day! The characters are brave sisters with a troubled past who are doing their 'bit' in the British war effort. The author has a wonderful sense of plot and place and the story moves right along.' Reader Review 'An emotional rollercoaster ... Great characters and pacy storylines make this a compelling read.' Reader Review 'The sisters have amazing personalities with their strength and determination shining through. As I read of their encounters they felt like old friends who I couldn't wait to meet with again. This has been an absolutely brilliant novel that I was unable to put down and when I reached the last page I had tears in my eyes.' Reader Review 'Full of twists and turns ... Now I have a book hangover and don't know what to follow this with!' Reader Review 'It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The characters are so real, I felt as if I knew them and would have felt right at home stepping into Jim and Norah's kitchen. Pam Weaver is a great storyteller.' Reader Review
Binding: Paperback / softback

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