The Runaway Bride : A Lyme Park Scandal by Felicity York

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Only the boldest of ladies risks her heart and her reputation . . . THE FIRST BOOK IN THE STATELY SCANDALS SERIES 1826. At first sight, Ellen Turner does not seem the type to elope with a stranger. So when the young heriess vanishes from her boarding school in the arms of the rugged scoundrel Edward Wakefield, and the pair are sighted in a carriage racing from Gretna Green to the Port of Dover, her virtue becomes the subject of hot public debate. In the ensuing court case, Ellen keeps a cool head. Until she discovers who is judging the trial - her mortifyingly handsome and charming neighbour, Thomas Legh of Lyme Park. Ellen faces a choice. To pursue the husband of her dreams would mean risking everything. But when a lady's reputation already lies in tatters, what has she to lose? Inspired by the incredible true story of romance, subterfuge and intrigue, The Runaway Bride will whisk you away on the escapade that was Lyme Park's greatest scandal. * * * The Stately Scandals series is a brand new selection of incredible true stories, never before told in fiction, by Felicity York. Each novel follows one of the most rebellious women to have lived in the stately homes of 19th-century northern England. The next novel in the series, The Secret Sister: A Chatsworth House Scandal, will be published in autumn 2023.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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