The Journey After the Crown by ANDREW MACKIE

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If you're a fan of The Crown, Bridgerton and Downton Abbey that this book will not disappoint. This book will have you gasp, laugh and cry. Not one to be missed!' NetGalley reviewer, A young Queen. Two sisters. A voyage that will change their fates forever. Nineteen-year-old identical twins Violet and Daisie Chettle can hardly believe their luck when they are recruited as maids on newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II's royal ship. It's just the ticket they need away from cold, grey London and the tension that's been brewing at home since the tragic loss of their parents. But the 1954 royal tour to Australia, is a far cry from the glitz and glamour they had imagined. Life below deck is hard-work, and whilst Violet is prepared to keep her head down and be seen and not heard, Daisie has her sights on doing everything she can to hang up her apron and mingle above deck - even if it means leaving Violet behind. But as Daisie begins to win royal favour, she receives a letter from London. The sisters can't outrun their past any longer... Violet has committed an unspeakable act of betrayal that will change their relationship forever. With their positions on the tour hanging in the balance, have the sisters ventured too far from home to ever find their way back? Set against the stunning backdrop of Queen Elizabeth's first royal tour with Prince Phillip prepare to be swept away with this upstairs-downstairs drama, perfect for fans of The Crown and Downton Abbey Readers Love The Journey After the Crown! 'This book was perfect... I absolutely enjoyed it. A must read for those that have enjoyed watching the Crown!' NetGalley Reviewer 'I loved this book... It was well written with a captivating storyline and well-developed characters that merged real life figures with the fictional. I really enjoyed it.!' NetGalley Reviewer 'A remarkable historical novel telling the story of sisters aboard the royal ship sailing towards Australia. Loved it!' NetGalley Reviewer
Binding: Paperback / softback

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