The Missing Wife by Kerry Barrett

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I just loved everything about this book... Ticked all the boxes for the perfect read.' NetGalley reviewer 1933. Hannah Snow is fleeing her unhappy marriage when she finds herself in a small hotel on the banks of Loch Ness. But when a monster is spotted in the depths of the waters, the press descends - and Hannah finds her hiding place is discovered. Someone has been looking for Hannah, and when they find her events will take a devastating turn... Present day. True crime podcaster Scarlett finds herself intrigued by the mystery of Hannah Snow, wife of a promising government minister who disappeared in 1933 - just months before her husband also went missing, presumed dead. As Scarlett works to uncover the truth, she discovers a tragic family secret, and a story as murky as the depths of the loch where Hannah and her husband were last seen... Readers LOVE The Missing Wife! 'I absolutely loved this book... An enthralling story that kept you guessing... An unexpected gem.' NetGalley reviewer 'What a great book! I've finished it in 2 days, absolutely loved every bit of it... Beautifully written and so easy to read. I'm off to find some more from this author!' NetGalley reviewer 'I read this in less than a day... A brilliant read, uplifting and just a great story.' NetGalley reviewer 'Enthralling and absorbing and I loved it. Definitely recommend.' NetGalley reviewer 'I really enjoyed this book... Gripping story, well written and researched. Highly recommended.' NetGalley reviewer 'A pleasure to read and incredibly engaging... Undoubtedly a "just one more chapter" type of book... Quite possibly my most favourite book of 2022.' NetGalley reviewer 'Kept me up way past my bedtime as I needed to know what happened... Definitely recommended for those who enjoy a mystery.' NetGalley reviewer 'Great fun. Tragedy, romance, and history all mixed up together... Fast paced and very absorbing.' NetGalley reviewer
Binding: Paperback / softback

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