My Heart & Other Breakables: How I lost my mum, found my dad, and made friends with catastrophe by Alex Barclay

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The hilarious and deeply moving diary novel from bestselling author Alex Barclay - this might just be the funniest book ever to make you cry your eyes out. This is the diary of me, Ellery Brown, aged fifteen and a half. I'm supposed to use it to record my feelings about my mum, since she died. So why do I keep thinking about who my dad might be, instead . . . ? I have so much STUFF to think about - including a whole new life in Ireland. So why can I not stop thinking about my DAD? Especially because it is so weird to think about someone you don't know. Like, literally, I have NO IDEA who my dad is. My best friend Meg has narrowed it down to three authors my mum knew. (She was an author too.) But they're not just in different countries; they're on different CONTINENTS. Which means fake IDs, passports, plane tickets, and somehow getting away from my self-obsessed grandmother . . . One thing's for sure: this year is going to be INTERESTING.
Binding: Hardback

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