The Wire in the Blood by Val McDermid

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The ferociously readable, #1 bestselling crime thriller that led to the much-loved ITV show?_? ?_~Wholly satisfying?_T Ian Rankin Young girls are disappearing nationwide Dr Tony Hill sets his team a task: find a link between the cases. Only one officer comes up with a theory, but it?_Ts too wild?_? that is, until one of their number is murdered and mutilated. Tony has started a game ?_" one where hunter and hunted can all too easily be reversed. He has baited an aggressor whose charming manner hides a warped and sick mind?_? When a killer is hiding in plain sight Who can stop them? ?_~Truly frightening?_T The Times ?_~Sly and sophisticated, weaving the mundane with the stomach-churningly depraved?_T Express
Binding: Paperback / softback

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