Winter Wedding by Dilly Court

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Don't miss the second book in the brand-new six-part series from the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author Dilly Court! You are the heart of Rockwood. Never forget that. Christmas is coming. But the happiest time of the year is marred by a cruel twist of fate. Rosalind Blanchard's husband Piers is gravely wounded in a shipwreck, and she finds herself head of crumbling Rockwood Castle once more. Pregnant with his unborn child and alone, she turns to the only man who has ever made her heart sing. His brother Alex. Alex was her old love, but Piers must be her future. Until shocking news of Piers changes everything. As the first snowflakes begin to appear, so too does another chance of happiness for Rosalind. One that might just include her beloved home and true love Alex by her side...
Binding: Hardback

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