The District Nurses Make a Wish by Annie Groves

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The new heartwarming and nostalgic read in the bestselling wartime District Nurses series For the district nurses of Victory Walk, there's been little time to bask in the triumph of D-day as London is facing a new threat - the buzz bombs. Everyone is terrified, never knowing where the next one will strike. Into this tense atmosphere, new nurse, Iris, must make her mark. She's had more experience of nursing than many, but since arriving in East London from the countryside, she has struggled to fit in with the other staff. Meanwhile Alice is facing an agonising wait to hear if her boyfriend Joe has survived D-day - she can barely sleep for wondering if he ever received her letter in which she promised to wait for him? Others too are in limbo, not knowing if their loved ones have made it through. With the end almost in sight, the district nurses must dig deep if they are to keep London going...
Binding: Paperback / softback

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