Daughters of the Resistance by Lana Kortchik

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A heart-wrenching novel of love, resilience and courage in World War II, from the author of Sisters of War ?_" perfect for readers who loved The Tattooist of Auschwitz and The German Midwife. Ukraine, 1943 On a train from Ukraine to Germany, Lisa Smirnova is terrified for her life. The train is under Nazi command, heading for one of Hitler?_Ts rumoured labour camps. As she is taken away from everything she holds dear, Lisa wonders if she will ever see her family again. In Nazi-occupied Kiev, Irina Antonova knows she could be arrested at any moment. Trapped in a job registering the endless deaths of the people of Kiev, she risks her life every day by secretly helping her neighbours, while her husband has joined the Soviet partisans, who are carrying out life-threatening work to frustrate the German efforts. When Lisa?_Ts train is intercepted by the partisans, Irina?_Ts husband among them, these women?_Ts lives will take an unimaginable turn. As Irina fights to protect her family and Lisa is forced to confront the horrors of war, together they must make an impossible decision: what would they be willing to lose to save the people they love? **** Readers loved Sisters of War: ?_~Oh my heart! Such a beautiful story. Can't wait to read it again!?_T Amazon reviewer?_~Made me feel every single emotion?_T NetGalley reviewer?_~Captivating from the first page?_T Amazon reviewer?_~A powerful and hard-hitting novel?_T Deborah Swift, author of The Lady?_Ts Slipper?_~A gorgeous love story that keeps you hooked?_T Amazon reviewer?_~Pulled at my heartstrings and brought tears to my eyes. You really must read this book?_T Amazon reviewer?_~A whirlwind journey, full of emotions?_T Heather Osborne, author of Bitter Bonds
Binding: Paperback / softback

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