The Success Principles : How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to be by Jack Canfield

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Jack Canfield reveals the simple set of rules for success that led him to become the multi-million copy bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and shows how anyone can follow these principles to achieve their own dreams. Greater levels of performance and achievement are attainable by anyone. This book offers the proven self-empowerment tools and time-tested performance strategies that are the basis for personal and professional success. Jack Canfield has become the author of over 50 best-selling books by following these principles - here he reveals how they can help you to take on greater challenges, produce break-through results and achieve undreamed of success. With the Ten-Step Action Plan you will learn how to:- Take responsibility for your life- Set goals and manage time- Invest in developing knowledge and core skills- Face up to what isn't working and stay motivated- Focus on your unique abilities- Transcend other people's limiting opinionsand much more. Decide what you want, believe you deserve it and practise the principles, and with these powerful new habits you can experience astonishing opportunities and extraordinary results in all aspects of your life, from your career to your relationships.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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