By the River: Essays from the Water's Edge

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TEAM SUMMER PICKS: I always feel drawn to water, and I love the structural innovation
of bringing together a group of writers to speak about something we can all relate to in
our own ways. Darby

Twelve writers consider the subject of rivers and how they shape us throughout our lives, demarcating cities as well as moulding our creative consciousness. Tessa Hadley revisits Rumer Godden’s The River; Jo Hamya pays homage to Virginia Woolf; Michael Malay goes nightfishing for eels by the river Severn; and Marchelle Farrell revisits the tropical waterfalls of her childhood home in Trinidad.

Tender and astute, By the River explores the cultural, social and psychological significance of the rivers that run through our societies and our minds, bringing together these twelve contemporary writers in a celebration of water and its transformative qualities.

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