A History of Japan in Manga : Samurai, Shoguns and World War II by Kanaya Shunichiro

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The entire fascinating story of Japan told in one exciting manga-style volume!A History of Japan in Manga tells the action-packed saga of Japan from its misty origins up to the present day. Epic battles, noble Samurai and duplicitous leaders are all portrayed in modern manga fashion! The lively stories in this book include:The Dawn of Japan: The Birth of Buddhism and the transition from hunters--gatherers to agricultural societies of ancient timesThe Genpei Wars: Davage battles between the Taira and Minamoto clans that led to the powerful warlord Minamoto no Yoritomo naming himself Japan's first ShogunThe Onin Wars: A decade-long struggle for domination of Japan in which thousands of Samurai fought and tragically lost their livesThe 47 Ronin: Loyal Samurai who vowed to avenge the death of their master, choosing honor over surrender and being forced to commit mass ritual suicide as a resultThe Satsuma Rebellion: A dramatic last stand by Samurai loyal to the Shogun who revolted against the new Meiji government and its plans to finally modernize JapanAnd many more!Dozens of indelible portraits, manga stories, maps and info-sidebars bring the full sweep of Japanese history to life in one easy-to-read book!
Binding: Paperback / softback

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