Brett Charles Seiler by Brett Charles Seiler

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Brett Charles Seiler lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa, where he also graduated from the Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2015. Seiler's work has elements of painting, installation, and object art, with a strong emphasis on the use of text and language. Sometimes poetic, nostalgic, or romantic, it is an integral part of his art or stands on its own as a piece as well. In his paintings, the space is indeterminate, the figures are not located and sketchily fleeting, the writing elements seem spontaneous like statements from street art. The colour scheme moves in a narrow spectrum between black, grey, white and brown tones, often using wood. His themes are sexual interaction, oppression, homosexuality, gender, men. Originally from Zimbabwe, a state where human rights violations are commonplace, his work also makes a mark in the struggle for equal sexual orientation in education, media, and institutions. "[My work] is a deep longing for understanding. It is from the point of view of something that I've missed, something that I cannot go back to. It's a process of research."Text in English and German.
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