Green Namibia by Patricia Parinejad

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After her book Green Mallorca, the first successful volume of the Green Series at teNeues, photographer Patricia Parinejad has travelled to Namibia. In impressive photographs she documented the work of several environmental projects, sustainability initiatives, green lodges and camps, wildlife conservation and research programs, local producers, and artisans. This has resulted in the exceptionally beautifully photographed book Green Namibia complemented by poetic, yet informative and powerful writings. A book for and about inspiring people who are helping to keep the green movement going by operating their hotels more sustainably, protect wildlife, produce locally, and promote biodiversity while reducing their carbon footprint. Patricia Parinejad highlights how we can reconnect with the natural world and "Mother Earth" on our journey to inspire that all-important sense of awe for Namibia, its deserts and plains, and our planet in general. Text in English and German.
Binding: Hardback

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