Mack : Painting by Heinz Mack

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"There is no substitute for the happiness which colours give me." After a long break, Heinz Mack has been focusing intensively on painting again for over thirty years. A cross-section of his "Chromatische Konstellationen" from 1991 until the present day shows how he translates the greatest possible purity of colour, light and immateriality into a broad spectrum of colour sequences and structures. Texts by Heinz Mack and Robert Fleck illuminate the essence of these colour worlds. Colour as light and light as colour - this represents, as it were, the nucleus of Mack's painting. Within this premise he offers us a wide variety: chapters on, for example, the primacy of colour, atmosphere and nature, space, movement and geometric forms show the fascinating bandwidth of his work. The volume closes with an unusual undertaking: in a personal juxtaposition with works from art history from Duccio to Barnett Newman, the artist grants us an insight into his collective pictorial memory.
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