Daniel Rode: Special edition : Again and Again by Susanne Altmann

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Unraveling the syntax of text fragments found in literature, conversations, and public space, Daniel Rode fractures words into letters deliberately preventing easy readability by disregarding spaces and line breaks. Throwing our habits for a loop, they retain their indeterminacy a little longer before we can interpret by reading. Detached from their original contexts, they find their way into both large-scale installations and drawings, often created in series. By moving between these polar opposites-a sober, reserved aesthetic on the one hand, and a sensitive, almost tender devotion to artistic execution on the other-the artist pays homage to the singular by endlessly reproducing words, photos or splashes of paint by hand, which despite all efforts will naturally deviate from the original. Again and Again offers a comprehensive insight into Rode's oeuvre, enriched by perceptive texts by 13 contributors providing an often surprisingly personal perspective on the artist and his work.
Binding: Hardback

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