Alastair Philip Wiper : Unintended Beauty by Marcelo Gleiser

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With the technological and digital revolution, an entire universe of machines and computers has developed alongside the human world. These machines tell the story of what it is to be human: our needs and desires, our hopes and follies, our visions for the future. Alastair Philip Wiper's photographic eye sweeps across Adidas shoe factories, colossal shipyards, or laboratories such as the Swiss research center CERN, showing us spaces of incomprehensible complexity. Observers can experience through this a kind of visuality that no longer has a consistent point of view, but a diversity that overwhelms the process of seeing. These photos not only possess a unique beauty of their own, as well as a fascinating aesthetic, but also stimulate thought and the search for one's own position in the world.
Binding: Hardback

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