Shining Threads by Joy Bounds

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It is the late nineteenth century and Queen Victoria is on the throne. Upper-class girls are expected to get married and be content with entertaining, embroidery and elementary music-making. But, from an early age, Ethel has other ideas. She will need to be forceful and persistent if she is to fulfil her dream of becoming a composer and having her music performed. Meeting with the best musicians of the day in England and Europe, she shows how good she is, and begins to make her mark as an opera writer. Yet time and time again, the musical world fails to support her. Her romantic relationships with both women and men are stormy. Will she find lasting love? As the twentieth century dawns, and the campaign for Votes for Women becomes more militant, her life will take a different turn... Shining Threads is based on the life of composer Ethel Smyth. An inspiring story of hope and determination in the face of many obstacles, it shines a light on an overlooked, pioneering composer.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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