The Tree Elves of Ludlow by Archie Hunter

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The Welsh Marches have for centuries been witness to a mighty struggle between elves and goblins. Now, the elfish kingdom is facing defeat, or worse, extinction. Their only hope lies in the heir to the ancient elfish kingdom of Gwydden. Only he can turn the tide against the goblin hordes and lead them back to victory and prosperity. However, the elves have one major problem to overcome. The heir to the crown is living in the human world, in the quiet border town of Ludlow, oblivious to his importance. The elves have a clever plan to find their king, but the goblins are on his trail too, and will do anything to prevent his safe return to Gwydden... Atmospheric, captivating and entirely unique, The Tree Elves of Ludlow is a fantasy novel that tips in and out of reality and is perfect for fantasy enthusiasts of all ages.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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