Far, Far the Mountain Peak: Book 4 : The Ups and Downs of Adult Life by Arthur Clifford

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Emerging from a troubled childhood and turbulent adolescence, John Denby returns in the Far, Far the Mountain Peak series as an adult; still finding his place in the world as he denys to hide his sexuality and embarks on his career as a teacher. When the opportunity arises at a 'new, educational experiment' at Mereton Hall, a residential free school designed to return to traditional methods and values of teaching with a strong emphasis on the Christian Faith. The promise of an expedition to the Ruwenzori mountains, an abrupt intrusion of improbable snow-clad peaks rising out of a jungle, amid the rolling savannas of Africa, gives John a glimmer of hope where he had begun to despair, but first he must convince the faculty to let the expedition go ahead... And even if he can, what lies in store ahead? The life of John Denby is one that never runs smoothly...
Binding: Paperback / softback

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