Tricia's Release by Sonya Begonde

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For Trisha, an unexpected romance and the delights of an ultra-luxurious cruise ship are suddenly subsumed into a saga of abduction, enslavement and torture. Initially, wonderful descriptions of the food, facilities and friendships which develop onboard induce an impression that this is a tale of exquisite escapism. An amorous relationship with the ship's gym instructor culminates in a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage in the snow in Central Park, New York. This is just one of many exotic locations featured including Florida, Acapulco and California. The author is extremely adept at erotic and sexually-graphic prose but is also skilful at sudden and shocking surprises. These transform a tale of sumptuous normality into one of terrifying torment. Tricia's refusal to join the harem of the son of an African potentate results in a string of appalling attempts at abduction. Eventually kidnapped, the heroin wakes to find herself in a cage on a Caribbean island. Trisha is a very intelligent and indomitable woman and when she refuses to cooperate in her enslavement she is beaten repeatedly with an electronic whip and punished with other fiendish torture devices. Will the damsel in distress ever be rescued by her Prince Charming?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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