Disgustingly Delicious : The surprising, weird and wonderful food of the world by Montse Galbany

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Have you ever wondered what some of the world's most disgusting sounding dishes are? If you think eating broccoli or anchovies sounds unappealing just wait until you hear what's on the dinner table around the world!Cow's intestines, jellied eels, gigantic tuna eyeballs, stinky herrings... These might sound like disgusting ingredients to make witches' potions with, but no, they are delicious and exclusive delicacies served in different parts of the world. While every page might not make your mouth water, the aim of this book is to question what we consider disgusting and to show the incredible diversity and creativity of the world's cuisine. Dish by dish, you'll also discover surprising stories and historical facts. A really fun read which brings the gross factor! We hope that this book will help you keep an open mind - yum!
Binding: Hardback

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