More Australian Birding Tales : A highly personal account of birding, life and travel in the Land Down Under by R Bruce Richardson

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More Australian Birding Tales takes up where the author's best-selling first book, An Australian Birding Year, ended. In this new book Bruce Richardson describes his further birding adventures, which take his total 'life list' from 672 to 759, well exceeding his initial target of 700 species. He delights in finding new 'lifer' species, whether they are common but not yet seen by him or mega rarities, but he also glories in the fact that his birding trips take him to stunning parts of Australia that he wouldn't normally have visited. He travels through the outback, takes the ferry over to Tasmania, makes several pelagic expeditions and goes on a memorable trip to Cocos/Keeling and Christmas Islands. He describes his travels with humour, and intersperses the ticks and the dips of birding with personal anecdotes of a life lived through good times and bad. Although reaching the 700 species target was a milestone, for Bruce birding is equally about the vibe, the good friends he makes along the way and his exploration of the glorious Australian countryside. He certainly does see some cool birds though.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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