Devils And Saints by Jean-Baptiste Andrea

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FROM THE WINNER OF THE PRIX GONCOURT 2023'Moving, thought-provoking and thrilling' Mail on SundayAn elderly man gives virtuoso piano performances in airports and train stations. To the incredulity of the passers-by, he refuses their offers to play in concert halls, or at prestigious gatherings. He is waiting for someone, he tells them. Joseph was just sixteen when he was sent to a religious boarding school in the Pyrenees: Les Confins, a dumping ground for waifs, strays, and other abandoned souls. His days were filled with routine and drudgery, and he thought longingly of the solace he found through music in his former life. Joe dreams constantly of escape, but it seems impossible. That is, until a chance encounter with the orphanage?_Ts benefactor leads him to Rose, and a plan begins to form?_?Humorous even in its darkest moments, Devils and Saints tells a daring tale of camaraderie, love, and good triumphing over evil.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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