A Gathering Storm : A Weather Weaver Adventure #2 by Tamsin Mori

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Praise for The Weather Weaver:'This magical, highly original story of a girl who learns to control the weather will blow you away with its drama, warmth and wit.' Anna Wilson'A storm-swept adventure brimming with Shetland magic.' Alex EnglishOnce a year, weather weavers from all over the globe come together at the Gathering, to trade weather magic and stories. Stella and Nimbus can't wait to meet other weather weavers, but they're in for a frosty welcome. Tamar has always been a rule-breaker. This time, she's broken the law, but it's Stella who'll lose everything if the trial goes badly. Can Stella and Nimbus thaw the hearts of the council elders, or will winter tear them apart?
Binding: Paperback / softback

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