One for the Ages by J.D. Kirk

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When a blood-soaked old man is spotted wandering through a sleepy fishing village in the far north of Scotland, his neighbours think he's been in an accident. Until he leads them to his home, and to the mutilated remains of his late wife. It is the first murder that the remote Highland village has ever seen. It will not be the last. Someone is targeting the elderly and vulnerable in their homes. Someone they know. Someone they trust. Arriving to lead the manhunt, DCI Jack Logan finds a close-knit community closing ranks. Can Jack break down the wall of silence before more lives are lost? Or, in this twisted, sadistic killer, has Jack Logan finally met his match? One for the Ages is the 16th book in the multi-million selling DCI Jack Logan series from Scottish crime author, JD Kirk.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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