RSPB Great British Birdwatcher's Puzzle Book : Test your ornithological knowledge! by Dr Gareth Moore

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AVAILABLE NOW -THE RSPB GARDEN BIRDWATCHER'S PUZZLE BOOKA jam-packed puzzle and trivia book about the birds in Britain, in collaboration with the RSPB. Can you tell your rook from your crow? Do you know the collective noun for a group of goldfinches? Or where a willow warbler goes when it migrates?A must-buy for any bird enthusiast or bird-watching novice, this puzzle book is filled with questions, word games and brainteasers that will test your ornithological knowledge and reveal a treasure trove of incredible facts about our feathered friends - covering topics such as garden birds, coastal and country birds, behaviour, biology, culture, rare birds and bird migration. Featuring over 150 puzzles, from quiz questions to illustrations of birds to test your identification knowledge, wordsearches and crosswords, as well as maps to explore flight patterns, the RSPB Great British Birdwatcher's Puzzle Book will put your friends and family through their paces, and on the path to becoming an ornithological expert.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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