The Bubble of Love by Cathryn Barry

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Lily is having a tricky day at school. She is missing her Mum... and Boris Boreham and Trixie Temperton are being mean. Everything is going wrong, and Lily can't wait to get home for the weekend. But...the weekend goes too fast, and Lily has worries about the new school week. Joe has worries too, but luckily Mum and Dad have a clever way of helping the children feel confident and happier. Lily and Joe's parents share a magical way to manage life's tricky situations, using photos, drawing materials, imagination and LOVE!Together they create a special Bubble of Love, and think about what makes them unique, and all the people who love them. As they draw the 'walls' of their Bubbles, Lily and Joe feel safer and stronger... As they think about their special people, they feel absolutely loved. But things don't always go smoothly, and Lily must practice new ways of thinking and being. Watch as the children grow 'brave muscles'. Learn how Lily and Joe grow confidence and ability to deal with tricky people and situations. But above all, experience how the children carry the love of their family wherever they go!Not only is The Bubble of Love a heart-warming and relatable story, it's also a tool for care givers and parents to share their own Bubble of Love and help children from ages 5-11 foster courage and resilience.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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