Against the World by Katy Derbyshire

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A big, ambitious, over-the-top masterpiece that was hailed an immediate classic upon first publication in German. Set in the East Friesia region of Germany in the mid-1970s, Against the World tells the story of Daniel Kuper, the nominal heir to a drugstore dynasty, and his struggle to free himself from the petty suspicions and violence of small-town life. A delicate, secretive boy with too much imagination and too few opportunities, he becomes the target of outrage and fear when strange phenomena convulse the town: snowfall in summer, inexplicable corn circles, a boy dead under the wheels of a train, swastikas crudely daubed on walls. Fingers point and they single out Kuper. The more he tries to prove his innocence, the more fierce the accusations are until his only option is open war against the village and its inhabitants. An unforgettable debut, Against the World is an epic account of growing up an outsider, and the pain, violence, and betrayal that accompany exclusion.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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