Bowie at the BBC : A life in interviews by Tom Hagler

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A LOUDER THAN WAR BOOK OF THE YEAR'A unique insight... An excellent companion for both the casual and obsessive Bowie fan'Louder Then WarThe life of an icon, in his own words. David Bowie had a unique relationship with the BBC, making more appearances on 'the beeb' than any other broadcaster throughout his career. An anonymous pre-fame teenager, a blossoming starlet, a white-hot rock star and a veritable elder statesman of pop: the BBC had the inside scoop on it all. In this fascinating collection of BBC television and radio transcripts, Bowie's life story is told in his own words, across more than 35 appearances spanning over forty years. Each provides an illuminating snapshot of moments in a remarkable career. But read together, they offer a completely new take on Bowie himself, a first-person look at the rise and rise of a star. Compiled and guided by David Bowie expert and BBC journalist Tom Hagler, Bowie at the BBC is the complete story of an incredible life lived on the airwaves.
Binding: Hardback

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