The Butterfly Club: The Mummy's Curse : Book 2 - A time-travelling adventure to discover the secrets of Tutankhamun by M.A. Bennett

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Would you risk the future to change the past?Greenwich, London, 1894. Luna, Konstantin and Aidan are time-travelling thieves, stealing artefacts from the future to bring progress forward. And they are about to venture on their most treacherous mission. For The Butterfly Club have their eyes on a shiny new prize. In Egypt's Valley of the Kings a man named Howard Carter will stumble upon an unimaginable treasure ?_" Tutankhamun's mummy: the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. The three children are given an impossible task: travel to 1922 and uncover the mummy first. But when the time-thieves disturb Tutankhamun's long sleep they wake something else too ?_" a deadly and ancient curse. And now they must face the terrifying consequences of their actions...
Binding: Paperback / softback

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