Your Mental Health Toolkit: A Card Deck : 45 Cards to Navigate Difficult Emotions by Emma Cotterill

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This simple and effective deck brings you strategies, actions and reflections to help you deal with difficult emotions and challenge negative thought processes, all the while encouraging you to build a more resilient mindset. Designed by clinical psychologist Dr Emma Cotterill, the 45 cards draw on established therapy approaches including CBT, ACT, mindfulness and principles of self-compassion. The deck's three themes will help you create a personalized, holistic toolkit so that you can:?_? RESPOND to difficult emotions and develop more helpful ways of thinking ?_? RESTORE your energy and sense of calm through self-care strategies ?_? REFLECT on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to encourage further growthThe accompanying guidebook offers additional advice and shows you the best combination of cards to use for specific mental health issues.
Binding: Cards

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