The Tiger Who Came for Dinner by Joelle Dreidemy

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The fourth book in the heartwarming and successful The Lamb Who Came for Dinner series, packed with wit and personality from Steve Smallman (Poo in the Zoo, Monkey With a Bright Blue Bottom, Bear's Big Bottom) and illustrated with heart and striking character by Joelle Dreidemy. While playing fetch with Omelette, their pet Crocodile, Wolf and Hotpot find a little, lost tiger cub. "Can we keep her?" cried Hotpot. Wolf shook his head. "This little tiger's family must live further up the river. We have to take her home."With that, the group set off into the forest. Everyone they meet on their journey thinks the tiger cub is VERY cute. But Omelette isn't so sure. . . When the group FINALLY find the tiger cub's cottage they realise that the tiger cub had a terrible plan all along!This wonderful story encourages young readers to challenge stereotypes and celebrates the value of friendship and family. The perfect story to share with existing fans of Wolf and Hotpot's adventures and readers of The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water, Lost and Found, Weirdo and The Way Home for Wolf.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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