Calling the Whales by Jasbinder Bilan

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When a majestic whale is stranded near their Scottish hometown, Tulsi and Satchen are determined to save it. But after their boat capsizes in a storm, they?_Tre left dangerously adrift. Just as all seems lost, help arrives from an unexpected source ?_? An adventure with a powerful eco message at its heart. After rowing out to an island near their seaside home, Tulsi and Satchen discover a whale that has been trapped in a fishing net. Determined to try to free the poor creature, they repeatedly dive down into the freezing sea to cut the netting, but eventually, exhausted and with a storm rolling in, they have to admit defeat. As they head for home to seek help, their boat capsizes in the storm and they?_Tre left clinging to it, dangerously adrift. Just as they think all is lost, help arrives from an unexpected source ?_? A thrilling adventure with a powerful message about how we need to protect the oceans at its heart.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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