Common or Garden : Encounters with Britain's 50 Most Successful Wild Plants by Ken Thompson

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We often imagine that rarity is special - we seek out the most uncommon wild plants to tick off our lists, while overlooking the extraordinary appeal of the species we encounter day-to-day. Yet it's these plants -the most successful, able to adapt and thrive - which are truly fascinating. Botanist, writer and expert gardener Ken Thompson has set out to chart Britain's fifty most abundant wild plants and reveal the secrets of their success. He explores the roots of their common names, from the dog rose to Yorkshire fog, and explains the key traits that have led them to flourish across Britain. And, along the way, he shares his tricks for making your garden a haven for green life. Stunningly illustrated by Sarah Abbott, Common or Garden is a celebration of the everyday wonder of the plants that you can see, as Thompson enthuses, 'before you even have lunch'
Binding: Hardback

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