The Best Kind of Bear by Greg Gormley

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A humorous and heartfelt picture book by the brilliant Greg Gormley and David Barrow, with gentle messages of inclusion, friendship and the importance of being yourself!When Nelly asks Bear what kind of bear he is, he isn't entirely sure how to answer. So off he goes to find out . . . But none of the different bears he meets on his travels are like him. Grizzly bears don't have funny stitches; polar bears don't have washing labels attached to their bottoms; spectacled bears are simply not as soft and bouncy as him; and sunbears never wear smart bow-ties. So, disheartened, he returns to Nelly . . . only to discover EXACTLY what kind of bear he is after all - her own special bear!Children aged 3-6 will love following Bear as he tries (and fails) to behave like all the other bears, before discovering that what he really is, is the best thing of all!
Binding: Hardback

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