Conan The Barbarian: The Original Comics Omnibus Vol.2 by Gil Kane

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PRE-ORDER NOW - Published: 01/10/2024

The adventure continues, in this collection of classic Conan stories, perfect for fans and collectors alike! Tired of the thieving life, Conan signs on as a mercenary for the warring kingdom of Turan. The enemy will tell of Conan's legendary skill in battle - if any of them live to tell the tale - but palace intrigue may prove more dangerous to the barbarian. After all, it's never wise to bed a wizard's woman. Then, Conan joins with Red Sonja for a multipart adventure. Last, but far from least, we present Roy Thomas and Gil Kane's complete adaptation of "The Hour of the Dragon," the iconic story of how Conan became king and conqueror and met the woman who would become his wife.

Binding: Hardback

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