The Three of Us : THE 2023 READ YOUR YEAR WON'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT by Ore Agbaje-Williams

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?_~Funny and barbed, and the twists at the end had me shocked?_T Monica Heisey, author of Really Good, ActuallyWIFE. HUSBAND. BEST FRIEND. What if your two favourite people hated each other with a passion?A nice house, a carefree life, a doting husband, a best friend who never leaves your side. What more could you ask for? There's just one problem: your husband and best friend love you, but they hate each other. Set over a single day, husband, wife and best friend Temi toe the lines of compromise and betrayal. Told in three parts, three people's lives, and their visions of themselves and one another begin to slowly unravel, until a startling discovery throws everyone's integrity into question. 'Dazzling, dextrous and droll, this millennial noir is a taut exploration of culture and the politics of relationships?_T BOLU BABALOLA, author of Love in Colour'Sharp, astute... Packs a serious punch' YOMI ADEGOKE, author of The List'Wickedly enjoyable' NAOISE DOLAN, author of Exciting Times'Has that elusive Sally Rooney style of writing' STYLIST
Binding: Hardback

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