Ordinary Human Failings : The compulsive new novel from the author of Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan

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***SHORTLISTED FOR FICTION - 2023 NERO BOOK AWARDS***After the death of a young girl, the finger of suspicion is pointing at one reclusive family?_?_~Gripping?_? A triumph?_T SUNDAY TIMES?_~Heartbreaking?_T VOGUEIt?_Ts 1990 in London and, after the death of a young girl on an estate, the finger of suspicion is pointing at one reclusive Irish family: the Greens. At their heart sits Carmel: beautiful, other-worldly, and once destined for a future beyond her circumstances until life ?_" and love ?_" got in her way. Now, as the scandal unfolds and the tabloids hunt their monster, she must confront the secrets and silences that have trapped her family for so many generations. ***A DAILY TELEGRAPH, TIMES, NEW STATESMAN AND SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR 2023***?_~Daring, brilliant?_? Bold and beautiful?_T DAILY TELEGRAPH?_~Ambitious and original?_T DAVID NICHOLLS?_~A compulsive read?_T THE TIMES
Binding: Hardback

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