The Interpreter : THE jaw-dropping summer thriller of 2023 for fans of Louise Candlish, Harriet Tyce and Sarah Vaughan by Brooke Robinson

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WHAT IF THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN THE COURTROOM ISN'T THE KILLER?'Compelling and ingenious' Prima'Exciting and original' Heat***A GUILTY MAN IS ABOUT TO GO FREE. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO PUT HIM AWAY FOR GOOD. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MISINTERPRET ONE WORD. NO ONE WOULD KNOW. DO YOU DO IT?EVEN IF IT MEANS RISKING EVERYTHING... INCLUDING YOUR SON?'An ingenious premise, cleverly executed' Sunday Times bestseller Sabine Durrant 'Intriguing' Daily Mail***Readers love THE INTERPRETER:'I couldn't put it down... gripping' 'Loved this one! Gripping and exciting''Tense and enjoyable''I was instantly immersed' 'Unique... I was immediately drawn in by the characters''Incredible... had me completely engrossed' 'I loved how different the plot is''A great crime thriller''Completely fresh... it captures you from the start''This book is going to be huge!'
Binding: Hardback

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