The Moneyless Man : A Year of Freeconomic Living by Mark Boyle

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The astonishing reality of living without our most important resource: money. 'An inspiring and entertaining guide to escaping the money trap and reconnecting with reality.' Paul Kingsnorth, author of Real EnglandImagine a year living without spending money... Former businessman Mark Boyle undertook this extraordinary challenge and recounts the amazing adventure it led him on. Going back to basics and following his own strict rules, Mark learned ingenious ways to eliminate his bills and discovered that friendship has no price. Encountering seasonal foods, solar panels, skill-swapping schemes, caravans, compost toilets, and ?_" the unthinkable ?_" a cash-free Christmas, Boyle puts the fun into frugality and offers some great tips for economical (and environmentally friendly) living. A testament to Mark?_Ts astounding determination, this witty and thought-provoking book will make you reevaluate what is most precious in life.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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