How Birds Sleep by David Obuchowski

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Discover the mysterious and fascinating sleeping habits of more than twenty birds in this gorgeously illustrated read-aloud, perfect for in the classroom or at bedtime. Have you ever seen a bird sleep? Or wondered just when it is that migrating cranes find the time to catch Z's when crossing the ocean? Through short, friendly prose accompanied by immersive paintings of birds in their nighttime environments, this fascinating nonfiction bedtime book explores how varied the sleeping habits of birds can be. From the parrots of Thailand to the ostriches of Australia and even the pigeons of Brooklyn, every bird sleeps-but they do it in ways that will surprise and delight you! Some hang from tree branches, others doze while gliding, and some even burrow underground for a nap. At the end of the book, a detailed afterword expands on the role sleep plays in birds' lives and invites readers to pay more attention to this underexplored aspect of bird life all around us.
Binding: Hardback

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