Do Lions Hate Haircuts? by Bethany Walker

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Leonard the Lion: king of the beasts, master of the Savannah, leader of his pride and ... a great big baby when it's time for a haircut!Nobody, NOBODY, can cut Leonard?_Ts hair to his liking. That is, until he meets Marvin. Marvin is just a mouse but, oh, what wild and whacky styles he can whip up with his teeny-tiny comb and scissors?_? Soon, Leonard and Marvin are best buddies. The problem is, Leonard wants Marvin to cut his hair and HIS HAIR ONLY. So when Leonard sees Marvin giving Zebra a new hairdo, Leonard struggles with a spot of jealousy. A comedy of little and large, this high-energy story of friendship, sharing, and working together will have readers laughing out loud ?_" and gently reassure any child who fears the hairdresser?_Ts chair.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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