Advice from Strangers : Everything I know from people I don't know by Rachel Parris

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Hilarious and heartbreaking' Sara Pascoe'Sheer bloody joy' Philippa PerryOver the course of a year, comedian Rachel Parris asked members of her live audience for advice - and here's what she learned from a bunch of total strangers... She takes those random nuggets of wisdom - 'Be kind', 'Never pass up the opportunity for a wee', 'When it doubt, wing it' - and explores them in ways that are entertaining and serious, hilarious and heart-breaking. Full of life guidance on how to deal with everything from tampons to Tories, from grief to gaslighting, this book might just change your life. Funny, fiercely feminist and full of love, this book is a feast; devour it, then pass it to a friend. 'Original and wise. This is essential reading' Ellie Taylor
Binding: Paperback / softback

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