The Island of Longing : The emotional, unforgettable Top Ten Irish bestseller by Anne Griffin

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WOULD YOU EVER GIVE UP ON FINDING YOUR CHILD, IF THEY VANISHED WITHOUT A TRACE?Number One Irish bestselling author of When All is Said Anne Griffin returns with this beautiful, emotional novel about love, loss, family and hope that will break your heart . . . but also put it back together again. THE IRISH BESTSELLER THAT EVERYONE IS RAVING ABOUT:'Stunning . . . I loved it' LIZ NUGENT'Elegant and moving' JOHN BOYNE'A storyteller of rate gifts' JOSEPH O'CONNOR'A beautiful, emotive mystery' CHRIS WHITAKER'Gently heartbreaking, but also hopeful and uplifting. An insight into the fragility of the human condition and what holds us together when we break' IRISH TIMESOne unremarkable afternoon, Rosie watched her daughter Saoirse cycle into town, expecting to hear the slam of the door when she returned a few hours later. But the slam never came. Eight years on, Rosie is the only person who believes that her child might one day return home. Will this belief come at the cost of everything she has left?
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