Life Before Us : A heart-warming story about hope and second chances from the bestselling author by Roisin Meaney

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Full of hope and love' Emer McLysaght'Warm ... insightful' Rachael EnglishNUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHORGeorge is happy. Mostly. He loves his teaching job and his daughter Suzi, though he wishes he saw her a little more. All the same, it feels like time for a change - getting over Suzi's mum is definitely long overdue. So George sets up an online dating profile ... and waits to see what will happen. Alice was happy. Until she found out her boyfriend was lying to her. So she returns to her hometown determined that this fresh start will work out. All she has to do is say yes to things - yes to a spare room at her aunt's, yes to writing for the local paper, maybe even yes to falling in love again. As Alice and George try to make everyday changes, their lives begin to overlap more and more. And maybe the day they finally meet will be the day everything changes forever ...
Binding: Paperback / softback

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