Left on Tenth : A Second Chance at Life by Delia Ephron

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A story of hope, love and life in the face of cancer, and the miracle of second chances. Soon to be a major movie!When Delia's beloved first husband Jerry died of cancer in 2015, after thirty-three years of marriage, she struggled without him. Floored by grief, it never occurred to her she would find love again. But fate had other ideas. An article she published about the pain of shutting down Jerry's landline sparked a series of emails with a widower she'd dated in college fifty years ago, and they fell deeply in love. Delia and Peter found themselves soul mates in their seventies, but as their whirlwind romance came into bloom, Delia was diagnosed with leukaemia - the same that had claimed the life of her sister Nora. See-sawing between tears and laughter, Left on Tenth is the spirited story of Delia's second chance at love, and a heartfelt and inspirational account of life after cancer. 'A tale of brilliant hope, of heartache and uplift, so refreshing - it is a wonderful read.' Mariella Frostrup'Illuminating, generous, sparkling with wit, wisdom, humanity and wonder' Rachel Joyce'I absolutely loved this book. All of life and death and everything in between is in the pages' Clover Stroud'Tender, witty and romantic ... makes you immediately want to get cosy, slow down and shut off the world for a moment.' Emma Gannon'If it's possible to fall in love with someone by reading their story, I just have.' Sam Baker
Binding: Paperback / softback

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