Yoga : From the bestselling author of THE ADVERSARY by Emmanuel Carrere

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This is a book about yoga. Or at least, it was. January 2015. High on literary success and familial bliss, Emmanuel CarrA"re embarks on a rigorous ten-day meditative retreat in rural France in search of clarity and material for his next book, which he thinks will be a subtle, upbeat introduction to yoga. But his trip is cut short, and he is brought down to earth with a thud when he returns to a Paris in turmoil in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. From then on, CarrA"re's life - along with his novel-in-progress - begins to unravel in ever more unexpected ways. 'The story of how a life can fray, tighten itself into a noose, unravel... profound and moving' Geoff Dyer'Extraordinarily compelling' Financial Times
Binding: Paperback / softback

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